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Temperature Controlled Travel Mug

Cauldryn is the only vacuum bottle that allows you to select your favorite drinking temperature, brew coffee or tea and boil water using battery power.  


Love Coffee?

What we created...

Our innovative water bottle provides users with resource security and modular design delivering an all-in-one 16 oz. bottle that can maintain heat settings, sterilize water and boil contents at up to 212 degrees from a removable and rechargeable battery multiple times from a single charge. 

The Cauldryn™ Water Bottle opens up new possibilities to outdoor enthusiasts as the first-of-its-kind bottle that can boil water or keep the contents at the ideal hot beverage drinking temperature all day. The bottle is a powerful tool for everyone from coffee drinking to commuters to outdoor enthusiasts, where there is typically limited access to fire and electricity. 

Cauldryn™ features two different models, the Cauldryn™ Fyre™ and Cauldryn™ Fyre™ Mobile. The Fyre™ heating element attaches to the bottle, offering four different heat settings—Hot, Extra Hot, Brew, and Boil run directly from either an AC or DC power source using the included AC base or optional DC base for unlimited temperature cycles. Both offer a 16 oz., stainless steel, vacuum insulated bottle with lid, revolutionary Fyre™ heating element, and the Cauldryn Fyre™ Mobile model includes a rechargeable battery. 

As the ideal bottle for adventure outdoor enthusiasts, the Cauldryn™ Fyre™ can keep water cool or become your last line of defense against Mother Nature by boiling and sterilizing water for cooking. Built for the outdoor market, its heating capacity also makes it an ideal travel mug.

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