All pieces of Cauldryn Coffee/Blender Combo shown
Cauldryn Coffee shown with Blender attachment
Cauldryn Coffee shown with battery and heating element separate
Cauldryn Blender attachment

Cauldryn Coffee and Blender Combo

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Who says you can’t have it all?

The CAULDRYN COFFEE packaged together with the BLENDER BASE in one convenient package is the ultimate companion that can take you from the commute to the gym to an after hours party. Whether you traverse the urban jungle or the backwoods this combo has everything you need to conquer the day.

With the addition of our optional Percolator, you have everything you need to turn whole coffee beans and water into the perfect cup of coffee.

Ready when you are.



Battery Capacity: 37.75 Wh
Liquid Capacity: 16 oz
Blender Weight with Battery: 2.4 lb
Blender Weight without Battery: 1.7 lb
Mug Weight with Battery: 1.6 lb
Mug Weight without Battery: 1 lb
Diameter: 3.75 in
Blender Height without Battery: 9.5 in
Blender Height with Battery: 12 in
Mug Height without Battery: 8 in
Mug Height with Battery: 10.5 in
Primary Material: Stainless steel
Color: Black
Temperature Scales: Celsius and Fahrenheit
Model Number: CCS1BLEND1



Ideal Uses: Keep coffee hot, brew coffee & tea, sterilize water, heat soup, boil water, frozen drinks, grind coffee, shakes, meal replacement and powdered supplement mixes

What's Included:  Cauldryn mug, battery, blender base, heating element, power cord, and lid