Cauldryn Blender
Cauldryn Blender
Cauldryn Blender

Cauldryn Blender

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ETA 9/1/2018

Cauldryn Blend: The powerful portable blender.

The Cauldryn Blend is a powerful blender for anyone who wants to make frozen drinks, grind coffee or have a health shake with no chunks.

A battery operated personal blender with real power.

We created the Cauldryn Blend because we saw a real need.  There are other battery blenders on the market, but they lack the power to make the most popular kinds of drinks.  The battery is high output and the blender motor has enough torque to get the job done.

How does it work?

The Cauldryn is modular by design.  The Blend Base screws right into the bottom of the Cauldryn bottle and the battery attached to the bottom of the blender unit.  The unit features a safety switch that prevents operation when the blender is not attached to the mug.

For best results, fill the unit 50% full and put the lid on.  Tip the blender upside down and press the on button twice.  Slowly return the Cauldryn blend to the upright position.  This will prevent any ice from getting jammed in between the blades and the wall of the bottle.

What’s Included?

  1. Cauldryn 2.0 Mug
  2. Cauldryn Blend Base
  3. 9200 mAh Battery