Cauldryn Fyre Mobile 2.0

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ETA: 9/1/2018

You make the perfect cup of coffee, the Cauldryn 2.0 keeps it that way.

The Cauldryn 2.0 is the perfect coffee tumbler for anyone who loves coffee, tea, or any hot beverage. Nobody likes cold coffee and now you never have to drink another cup of it.  It’s your coffee maker’s new best friend.

What’s new in Version 2.0?

The new 2.0 model features an LCD screen that makes the thermos extremely easy to use.  All you must do is turn it on and set your desired temperature using the up and down arrows.  The screen will then change to show you what the current liquid temperature is inside the bottle.  The heating element kicks on and your drink will be rapidly heated to perfection.  There is a battery saver mode on the other side of the screen as well as a button that controls whether the temperature is shown in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The spill-resistant lid is easier to drink out of than previous models and has a better “mouth feel”.  We improved the insulation of the lid to help keep the battery life up. The heating element is now removable for easy cleaning and you can swap in the optional blender attachment.

Also - we added Bluetooth technology and created an app so you can control your bottle with your phone.  Works with Android and Apple phones.

How does it work?

The Cauldryn 2.0 uses a battery, a thermostat, and a heating element to maintain your desired beverage temperature.  A temperature sensor inside the unit constantly monitors your drink. When the liquid starts to cool the heating element is engaged.  The mug itself is vacuum insulated stainless steel to minimize heat loss.

What’s Included?

  1. Cauldryn 2.0 Mug
  2. Fyre 2.0 Heating Element with LCD screen
  3. 19,000 mAh Battery
  4. AC Wired Power Coaster – Allows you to use the Cauldryn at your desk without draining your battery life. Lower power output is perfect for sugary drinks and soup.
  5. Instruction Manual

What are the technical specifications?

 1lb without the battery and 1.6lbs with the battery.
Height: 8.5 in without the battery and 11 in with the battery
Capacity: 16oz 
Battery Chemistry:  Lithium Ion
Battery Capacity:  75 Watt Hours
Bluetooth Radio: Yes