Spare Extra Large Cauldryn Battery shown with charging cable and phone not included
Spare Extra Large Cauldryn Battery Mobile battery by itself

Extra Large Spare Battery w/ USB Charger

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The smaller Cauldryn battery will keep your drink at the perfect temperature for over 10 hours, but what if you need more? 

This Cauldryn battery can be used to upgrade standard FYRE and COFFEE models to a larger battery capacity and serves as a spare battery for any model.

As a bonus, the battery has two USB ports for charging your other electronic devices.


 Technical Specifications:
Weight:  1.3 lbs
Battery Chemistry:  Lithium-ion
Capacity:  75.5 Wh
USB Ports:  2
Height:  4.125 in
Diameter:  3.125 in
USB Output: 1 receptacle 5V @ 2.1A, and 1 receptacle 5V @ 1A 
Color: Black
Model Number: MB1