Burn Ban In Your Area? Use the Cauldryn Fyre Mobile to Cook Meals With ZERO Open Flames

The Cauldryn Frye Mobile can be used to make freeze-dried meals without any flame at all.  How?  The Cauldryn uses a high-capacity lithium-ion battery to bring water from ice cold to 212° F.

Other Uses:
✓Coffee and Tea (maintain mode)
✓Other Cooking
✓Sterilize Water
✓Charge Devices with Battery

Heating Modes:
- Hot
- Extra Hot
- Brew
- Boil

cauldryn with freeze dried packet

Learn about the features and benefits of the Cauldryn Frye Mobile as well as instructions for use in this video:

Click here to buy: https://cauldryn.com/collections/outdoor/products/fyre-mobile