Cauldryn Wyno Is A Travel Mug That Turns Water Into Wine

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Cauldryn was introduced in 2017 as the industry’s first vacuum sealed water bottle to boil water from a rechargeable battery. We are thrilled to further advance the category with the launch of the Cauldryn Wyno.

The Cauldryn Wyno allows users to literally transform water into wine, all from the tap of a button! By downloading the Cauldryn app and connecting your smartphone or tablet to Cauldryn’s Bluetooth LED control system, simply select one of 14 available wines.

With the Cauldryn Wyno, users will never have to worry about buying wine again! While we aren’t the first to turn water into wine, we’re the first to offer a red or white option.

The Cauldryn Wyno features a modular design.  It comes equipped with a 16-ounce, stainless steel, vacuum insulated bottle with cork lid and will be retailing at $229.99.

About Cauldryn:

The Cauldryn Fyre system will forever change the way you consume hot beverages. Using its revolutionary Fyre heating element, you can now boil or brew liquids and maintain your favorite temperature all day. The rechargeable battery is the only power you need to bring 32° F, liquid water to boil. With Cauldryn, a boil is just a click away. To learn more and to be added to our mailing list please visit