Cauldryn's Insulated Travel Mug Gets a Thumbs Up from Gear Junkie

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A BIG thank you to Gear Junkie for a great review on our insulated travel mug

Gear Junkie's Adam Ruggiero gave our nice little-insulated water bottle some nice props.

Tell this mug to brew coffee — or blend a margarita — at a precise temperature. It will, then it’ll zap bugs at your campsite. The Cauldryn Fyre V2 totally reimagines the travel bottle.

Most campers have been happy with a camp mug that won’t burn your hand and keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. But the folks at Cauldryn think an insulated travel vessel can be so much more.

To learn more read the whole review here.

About Cauldryn: Cauldryn is much more than an insulated travel mug, it is the ultimate electric water kettle. We are a coffee drinkers best friend and a travelers go-to tool. The possibilities with Cauldryn are endless! With the amount of Cauldyrn fans growing every day, we want to hear from all of you! To learn more about Cauldryn head to our website at