Cauldryn is the Only Smart Travel Mug You'll Need for a Fall Adventure

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Gear up, fall is around the corner and Cauldryn has the perfect smart travel mug for YOU!

Introducing our Cauldryn Coffee and Blender combo package, the smart travel mug that goes beyond maintaining hot beverages at specific temperatures, but now offers a blender add-on perfect for making frozen drinks when the day begins to wind down by the campfire.

They thought we were crazy and to their benefit, there's a lot of tall tales surrounding the campfire, but a travel mug that does all of that isn't one of them.

Coming in at a 16 oz., the Cauldryn Coffee offers a vacuum sealed modular travel mug that allows coffee drinkers to actually grind coffee beans right in their Cauldryn travel mug. It even allows coffee and tea drinkers the ability to maintain liquid temperatures for up to 10 hours. Another major update from the original Cauldryn Fyre Mobile is the temperature settings. Now offering an LCD screen that adjusts temperatures manually within a single degree from room temperature to boiling (78°-212°F). You can even adjust the temperature from across the room via the Cauldryn App through the bottle’s Bluetooth component.

About Cauldryn: Cauldryn is much more than an insulated travel mug, it is the ultimate electric water kettle. We are a coffee drinkers best friend and a travelers go-to tool. The possibilities with Cauldryn are endless! With the amount of Cauldyrn fans growing every day, we want to hear from all of you! To learn more about Cauldryn head to our website at