Cauldryn is iMore's Smart Travel Mug of Choice

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iMore says our Cauldryn Fyre 2.0 is their smart travel mug of choice. 

According to iMore, Cauldryn's modular design, big battery, and ability to brew, boil, or cook makes it a great tool for your adventures. Its long-lasting battery and versatile features make it the perfect travel buddy when you're going at work, on a camping trip, or exploring new places. Read more about why Cauldryn is the travel mug that can't be beaten.

About Cauldryn: Cauldryn is much more than an insulated travel mug, it is the ultimate electric water kettle. We are a coffee drinkers best friend and a travelers go-to tool. The possibilities with Cauldryn are endless! With the amount of Cauldyrn fans growing every day, we want to hear from all of you! To learn more about Cauldryn head to our website at