5 Festive Drinks To Make In Your Cauldryn For Holiday Travels

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There’s no reason to sacrifice festive flair during your holiday travels; so make some room for Cauldryn in your suitcase - you never know when you’ll need it.

Whether you lose power, have limited access to resources, or get kicked out of the kitchen because you’re taking up too much space, Cauldryn is the smart travel mug that just may be your savior if you’re trying to make warm or frozen cocktails during holiday travels.

You’re traveling quite the distance to your destination and you deserve to put your feet up and sip on your favorite drink, so here are five boozy drinks to make in your Cauldryn that will bring some holiday cheer!

White Christmas Margarita

2 Parts Canned Coconut Milk
2 Parts Silver Tequila
1 Part  Triple Sec
½ Part Lime Juice
2 Parts Ice


Screw the blender attachment onto your Cauldryn. Combine coconut milk, tequila, triple sec, lime juice and ice. Blend until smooth.

Holiday Hot Chocolate

2 Parts Water
1 Packet of Pre-Packaged Hot Chocolate Mix
½ Part Kahlua
½ Part Peppermint Vodka
Mini Marshmallows, for serving
Peppermint Candy, for serving


Boil water in your Cauldryn. Turn off heat and stir in the hot chocolate mix. Add Kahlua and Vodka. Top with marshmallows and peppermint candy if desired.

Toasty Toasted Almond Amaretto Coffee

2 Parts Coffee
½ Part Kahlua Liquor
½ Part Amaretto
½ Vodka
Half/Half (To Taste)
Whipped Cream (Optional)


Use percolator attachment to brew coffee in your Cauldryn. Turn off heat. Add Kahlua, Amaretto, and vodka (Leave room for additives). If desired add half/half and top with whipped cream.

Cozy Cider Cocktail

1 Part Apple Cider
½ Part Fireball Whiskey
1 Part Angry Orchard


Add all ingredients to your Cauldryn and heat to the desired temperature. 

Jack Frosties

1 Part Vodka
1 Part Champagne
½  Part Blue Curacao
½  Part Lemonade
3 Parts Ice


Place blender attachment on your Cauldryn. Add all ingredients, blend, and enjoy.

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