Why you should never use a microwave to make or reheat coffee.

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With the Cauldryn Fyre, you never have to reheat your coffee.   It will always be the perfect temperature.

Those coffee beans went through a lot to get to you. Very little coffee is grown in the US. In fact most of it comes from far away places such as South America, Southeast Asia or Africa. The coffee tree that produced those beans was planted and nurtured for 3 or 4 years before bearing fruit. Eventually, the coffee cherries were picked by hand, processed, and dried for a week or more, then milled to remove the outer husk leaving only the bean. The beans were likely shipped to the US from their origin, and then carefully tasted, roasted, ground, and lovingly made into the fresh cup of coffee you have on your desk.

The coffee cherry still on the tree

There is a chance for disaster at each on if these steps. But the last one, and the easiest one for you to control is the temperature of the water used to brew your coffee, and the temperature at which you drink it. The temperature at which you brew your coffee is more important than most people realize. Water draws out the flavor of the coffee, it extracts the flavors and that wonderful caffeine. But water that is too hot will over extract and draw out the compounds that taste bitter. Water that is too cold will extract some of the sour tasting flavors, but won’t fully extract all of the good stuff. Proper water temperature is probably the simplest thing you can do to help ensure you make a good cup of coffee. So what is the perfect temperature for your coffee? 195 to 205°F is almost universally accepted proper brewing temperature. 195-205 gets all the good stuff out of the bean, without taking too much of the bad stuff with it. If you aren’t measuring the brewing temperature of your coffee, you’ll be blown away at the difference it makes. So this gets us to why you should never microwave your coffee.

Microwaves are great for ruining a good cup of coffee

Heating water by microwave is imprecise. You press a few buttons, wait for a minute or so, and out comes a hot cup of water or a hot coffee. But you really have no way of regulating the temperature of the water or coffee in that mug. Even a PHD in physics couldn’t calculate the exact amount of time it takes to get the water in that mug to the right temperature. So you are almost guaranteed to  overheat your drink. Microwaves are also not very good at heating uniformly, so the top of the mug may be piping hot, while to bottom remains lukewarm. A little stirring will even out the temperature, but you’ve still nuked half of your coffee. Using that extra hot water from the microwave ruins your coffee before your lips even touch it. And overheating cold coffee in the microwave brings out the undesirable flavors and ruins an otherwise delicious drink.

Dial in your temperature and keep it there

The best solution is to make sure your coffee is brewed at the correct temperature and then never needs reheating. The Cauldryn Fyre is the perfect tool for to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for drinking. The perfect drinking temperature for coffee is a little different for everyone. But for most people that perfect temp is somewhere between 120 and 140°F. With the Cauldryn Fyre, you can dial in the exact temperature that’s right for you and hold it there for as long as it takes you to finish it. Don’t be afraid to us the buttons on the Cauldryn or the mobile app to experiment a little, as a few degrees difference can bring out slightly different flavors. You could never do this with a microwaved cup of coffee.  Do you have questions or comments about coffee temperature?   Reach out to us on Facebook, and keep your eye out for a future post on how to use use your Cauldryn Fyre to brew your coffee at the perfect temperature.