Become the life of the party with the Cauldryn Blender Attachment

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The Cauldryn is the world's best travel mug, but did you know it can also be used as a portable,  battery powered blender?  The Cauldryn Blender is available as a standalone product,   or you can get the blender attachment and turn your Cauldryn into a  lithium ion powered party machine.  You can make blended drinks at the campsite, at the beach, or even in your hotel room. The $39.99 attachment will pay for itself pretty quickly when you skip out on hotel/resort prices for those tasty drinks.  Of course you can blend whatever you want with this attachment, but our favorite is a margarita. So here is our favorite margarita recipe. It's enough to make two margaritas, one for you and one for a friend.:

Pour 4 Oz of  blanco tequila, 2 oz of triple sec, and 2 oz of line juice into a Cauldryn with the blender attachment   If you are using a shot glass as your measuring cup, that will be just under 3 shots of tequila, and around 1.5 of the lime juice and triple sec. You don't have to be exact, but shoot for a mixture that's  half tequila, 25% triple sec and  25% lime juice.   If you prefer your drink on the sweeter side, add a about 1 oz of simple syrup or agave nectar.   Top off the Cauldryn, with a couple of handfuls of ice, but don't fill it completely.   Then push the button and hold it until your drink is sufficiently blended.  You might find it useful to  shake the Cauldryn a little to get things going, and to pulse the blender and really mix things up.    Once you are done blending, just pour  the margaritas into two glasses ( with salted rims if possible) and you have your self two delicious margaritas!