The heated travel mug that Elon Musk would use

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  • The most technologically advanced product in the segment: Check
  • A long life battery that outlasts any competitor: Check
  • App controlled for fine tuning and precision: Check

The Cauldryn has it all.

When Elon Musk explains the cost Tesla cars or solar roof shingles, he explains the true cost of ownership. How much does it cost to own and drive a Tesla vs a similarly equipped gas car? How much will the solar roof cost over 20 years when you factor in the electricity it will generate? The true cost of ownership isn’t just the cost to purchase the item, it also includes the costs or savings incurred each time you use it.

The Cauldryn is the best heated travel mug on the market, and we are going to show you the true cost of the Cauldryn. While the initial cost of the Cauldryn is over $100, it will pay for itself pretty quickly, and you’ll wind up with a better cup of coffee.

 In 2015, a coffee drinker's survey from Zagat showed  that the average coffee drinker enjoys a little over 2 cups of coffee per day. Let’s start out with the assumption that at least one of those cups in on the go. The same article explained that the average cost per cup was $3.28, but that includes fancy barista prepared beverages and “ unicorn” frozen drinks.  So for the sake of argument, let’s say that you can get a decent cup of coffee for around 2 bucks. How much does it cost to make a cup of coffee at home and use your Cauldryn to keep it perfect all day. A pound of coffee will usually give you about 48-50 6 oz. cups of coffee. Let’s assume that you prefer a big pour, and drink 8oz at a time rather than 6. That still gives us 36 8 oz. cups ( 2 of those will fill your Cauldryn to the top)

Now we have to look at how much a pound of coffee costs. You can buy Maxwell House for about $4 a pound, or you can buy high quality specialty coffee for around $16 a pound. At 36x 8 ounce cups per lb that come out to around 45 cents per cup, or about 11 cents per cup if you buy the cheap stuff. Saving you $1.55 a day for specialty coffee or $1.89 a day for Maxwell House. You don’t have to be a math genius to see that the Cauldryn will pay for itself in less than 100 days of use, and possibly much faster depending on how often you use it. On top of that you’ll get a cup of coffee that is made exactly the way you want it, and at the perfect temperature all day. Maybe Elon should include one with each Tesla.