Cauldryn blender attachment for campsite margaritas

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The Cauldryn is the world's best electronic heated mug, it’s also a blender, a coffee maker, and more. If you have a Cauldryn without the blender attachment, then you are really missing out. We’ve already shared our favorite margarita recipe, so we thought we would share more about how to make those blended margaritas while camping. You will need to start off with limes, tequila, triple sec, some ice, and of course your Cauldryn with the blender attachment. It’s also handy to have a shot glass as a measuring cup as well as a juicer. 

The first step is to cut the limes in half and juice them. If you are camping with friends, go ahead and juice enough to fill 2-3 shot glasses worth. 


Once you’ve accumulated enough lime juice, it’s time to start putting everything together. Start off with 1 part lime juice and 1 part triple sec.

Then it’s 2 parts Tequila, you can always add more to taste later.

Next, you’ll fill the Cauldryn almost to the top with ice.

Put the lid on your Cauldryn, and start up the blender. It helps to give the Cauldryn a gentle rocking back and forth as you blend. 20-30 seconds should be plenty.

Now just open up the lid, pour into a glass, and enjoy!

On this trip, we learned that a few nectarines ads some fun flavor to your Cauldryn blended margarita. Just put in some sliced up nectarines before you add the ice. 

There you go: Blended margaritas at the campsite. Just use your Cauldryn with the blender attachment to make a delicious drink, and then you can clean it out, and use it to make your coffee the next morning!