The worlds best heated travel mug

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The Cauldryn is the world's best heated travel mug.  No other smart mug comes close.  The Cauldryn is the only smart  mug on the market that  keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature all day long.  The standard battery can keep your drink nice and hot for 10+ hours, so the Cauldryn is made to work all day,  just like you.  You can choose the exact temperature you prefer, and then keep it there for a full day's work and then some. It can even boil water, heat soup, and more. We have several models to choose from, depending on your needs. If you are working out in the field all day,  the Cauldryn Coffee  is a good choice.  If you work in one place all day long, and don't need the battery, the Cauldryn Fyre Smart Mug may be the best choice for you. Are you a road warrior who spend all day driving?  You'll definitely want a vehicle adapter base. Of course if you want the ultimate Cauldryn package,  the Cauldryn Coffee Smart Mug and Blender Combo is for you.  With the blender attachment you can grind beans, make blended margaritas at the campsite, or make smoothies  on the go.   What are you waiting for?  Choose your Cauldryn model now.   And as always, shipping is free within the US.