Great smoothie recipes to make with your Cauldryn blender attachment

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The Cauldryn is great battery heated mug, and that's what most people use it for.   But more and more of our customers are discovering how great the blender attachment can be.  We've already told you how to make blended margaritas when camping, and shared our favorite marg recipe.    While we love margaritas, the blender attachment can do much more than that.   In fact most of the blender attachments are used not for margaritas, but for smoothies.  So  here are some great  smoothie recipes we want to share:

For tons of fruit goodness, choose the triple  berry smoothie on

Want something more filling?    Some peanut butter  in the smoothie will help fill  you up and stay full for longer.   If that sounds good to you, check out this peanut butter  banana smoothie recipe from

Looking for low calorie smoothies?  There are many ways to make healthy, filling low calorie smoothies with the Cauldryn blender attachment.  The Verywellfit website has tons of great ideas for low calorie smoothies


The blender attachment  can blend just about anything you can blend with a full size blender, but you can blend almost anywhere.   It's smaller and more portable than an  a full size kitchen blender, so you can blend at home, in the office, or on the go!