5 great YouTube videos about coffee

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Do you love of coffee?   Of course you do. We do too, and we love learning more about coffee, so we thought we would share some of our favorite YouTube videos about coffee.

 This first video from HowCastFoodandDrink shows how to make coffee using one of our favorite methods, the french press.




This next video from AsapScience  explains how coffee effects your brain and wakes you up.



 Whole latte Love tells us about the difference between arabica and robusta cofee beans.



We know we are in the middle of summer, and you may want a break from hot coffee.   Good Morning America shows us how to make cold brew at home, and explains the difference between cold brew and hot coffee.



And this last one is a long one, but if you want to learn more about coffee, "Everything you ever wanted to know about coffee."  With Kevin Graf is a great video.

Do you have any favorite videos or articles about coffee?  Please share them with us.  Just head on over to our Facebook page and tell us what you've found.