The real power behind Cauldryn

in Cauldryn Heated Temperature Control Mug Blog

What makes the Cauldryn the best heated travel mug?   There are many design features that make the Cauldryn the superior to any other product, and the best  temperature controlled mug on the market.   But one of the biggest features is battery.   The Cauldryn  is available with 2 different battery sizes, and even the small 37.5 Wh battery allows  you to keep your coffee, tea or other drink warm all day long, for up to 10 hours. Our competitors give you less than 2 hours.   If you opt for the Cauldryn large 75 Wh battery available on the Cauldryn Frye Mobile 2.0, you can get as much as 20 hours.  You don't have to use all of this battery capacity in one go.   One charge can potentially get you through a multi day road trip.  If you drink several cups of coffee each day, and keep each one in your Cauldryn for about 2 hours, the large battery can last you an entire 3 day weekend.    No other temperature controlled or heated mug even comes close.  You can also choose to make coffee, heat soup, or prepare dehydrated meals with your Cauldryn.   If you need some extra charge you can use  the provided wall charger, or you can get yourself a vehicle adapter base.   This allows you to charge from your car, boat or anywhere else you have a 12 or 24 volts plug.  

 So just how much power is in a Cauldryn battery? Most modern smart phones have a battery between 7 and 11 Wh.  So some quick math  shows that the Cauldryn small battery has 3-5X  the juice of a smartphone, and the large one has 6-10X the juice of most smart phones.  That's some serious juice.   And enough to keep you going all day long.