Cauldryn is pertfect for those cold games

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Things really start to cool off in November,  but those fall games are still going. Cauldryn can help you stay warm with perfect coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate. With Cauldryn you know your drink will be nice and toasty  for the duration of the game; never too hot and never too cold, always perfect.  Our battery powered coffee mug has the biggest battery in the business, and can last up to 10 hours.   We bet you'll finish your drink before then, but you can use your Cauldryn to make new batches of hot chocolate for your crew.   This electronic coffee mug will make you a fan favorite for sure.

The Cauldryn Coffee is perfect for those evening games and you can also use it the next day. You can fill it again in the morning, take it to work, and enjoy  coffee all day long at your perfect temperature.