The best $129 you'll ever spend

in Cauldryn Heated Temperature Control Mug Blog

$129 for a coffee mug? At first that might seem like quite the indulgence. But think about it: Would you pay $129 for something you'll use every day? Something that brings you enjoyment? Something that saves you money?

  An electronic heated coffee mug might not seem like something that brings joy, but how many sips of coffee do you have in a day? If you have 1 cup of coffee, that's at least 20 sips, 2 cups of coffee is at least 40 sips. What if each sip could be perfect? Not too hot, not too cold. That's a simple pleasure 20 -40 times a day, and those simple pleasures add up 20-40 joyful moments that are a tiny relief from the stress of the day. 20-40 moments when you don't have to think about anything but that perfect coffee.  Or at the very least you aren’t thinking about choking a lukewarm mug of brown water on your desk. 

What if that coffee mug could save you money every single day? If you choose to make your coffee at home and take it with you in the Cauldryn, or make it in the office with the Cauldryn, you'll have better coffee and you'll save a couple of dollars each day.   You can easily save $50-100 a month by skipping the line at the coffee shop. Even if you only use your Cauldryn on work days, there are about 200 of those in a year. So the Cauldryn will cost less than 65 cents a day over a year, or 37 cents over a 2 year period.   That 37 cents a day for great coffee, and you aren’t spending the time and money to head to the coffee shop and pay too much money for overpriced coffee made by a barista that misspells your name on your cup. When you look at it like that, the Cauldryn is a bargain.