The price of this coffee is insane

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We love coffee, and we don't mind spend money on the little indulgences.  For Example high quality beans and an excellent grinder to get the best tasting brew, and a Cauldryn to keep it the perfect drinking temperature. You can buy cheap coffee at the grocery store for as little as $3 a pound, and high quality beans from a small roaster can go for $10, $15, or even $20 a lb. $20 a pound may seem expensive, but it's still well under 50 cents a cup. 

Enter Jason Mraz:  

Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Jason Mraz  is a coffee lover, and in 2015 he planted several different varietals  of coffee at Mraz Family farms in Carlsbad California.  Among those varietals is Geisha ( alternatively known and Gesha), a sought after bean that originated in the Ethiopian Gori Gesha forest. Geisha has been farmed for 50+ years, but really started to become well known in 2004, and it's popularity has exploded since then. Geisha is known for being pricey, and you aren't likely to find it at your local grocery store. But the Mraz Family Farms Geisha price is literally insane.  They did a limited run at San Diego's Bird Rock Coffee roasters, and you could by a cup of pour over coffee for $35.00. No, the decimal isn't in the wrong place. That cup of coffee costs 10X the price  of a good black coffee from a boutique coffee shop. Want to buy it buy the pound?   You'll have to shell out $199.... for 4 ounces. That comes out to $796 per pound.   So  if you grind the beans and make the stuff at home, the  cost comes all the way down to $16.50 for a 6 oz a cup.   That almost seems like a bargain compared to $35 a cup at Bird Rock Coffee roasters.   Or you can get 12 oz of Bird Rock's own delicious Bird Rock Blend for $15.99 and get it down to about 50 cents a cup.   Bird has more expensive beans,   but even the $30/12oz " Pink Bourbon Honey" beans keep the cost of home made coffee down to under $1 per cup. 

The Geisha coffee is probably delicious.   But even if it is the best tasting cup of coffee  in the world....Who is buying this stuff?  Apparently they sold out of it in only 4 days.